Street Fist 2 – Officially Greenlit on Steam

StreetFist2_01The advent of the noughties heralded the death of the golden age of beat-‘em-ups, with many developers seeming to just abandon this once great genre. Titles in the last decade have not quite lived up to the classics of Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Recently, however, it seems that the genre is trying to be revived through the Indie developer scene. One such developer is currently working on a game that is showing a lot of promise and looks to pay homage to the classics we all love. Street Fist 2 is a side-scrolling beat-‘em-up that’s just been officially Greenlit on Steam.

Swansea based independent company XD Studios, whose previous works include a short game called R.A.M for Windows 8 and a couple of free Android titles such as Tempest Sky and Tippin Turtles. Street Fist 2 will mark their first full game project to be released and is going to be available for PC, Mac and Linux.StreetFist2_02

In the year 1993 a crime wave has spread over the once peaceful Retro City, with the cause identified as the mysterious Dr.Bip. As the player you must take to the streets as one of three characters: Chuck, Cynthia or Johnny. You are tasked with fighting your way through an army of thugs to reach Dr.Bip’s most elite generals and defeat them over 8 unique locations, from the slums to tropical island paradises.

The game meets all of the criteria for a classic beat-‘em-up. The narrative certainly fits the genre and the comic-book art style helps give the game a more unique look. Street Fist 2 is stated to feature fast-paced and brutal combo-based fight mechanics, with the added bonus of being able to build up fighters’ fighting abilities. Of course, no beat-‘em-up is complete without local co-op with friends, and Street Fist 2 meets this criterion too, with up to three characters available each boasting their own unique fighting stats.

The trailer has a very professional feel to it and the comic-book style setup really helps give the game a nice atmosphere. Sticking with the whole comic-book feel to entice people even further XD Studios is regularly releasing pages for a short comic (which they’re saying is essentially Street Fist 1), telling the story leading up to the events of Street Fist 2.

From their Greenlight page it looks like they’re about 25% complete and from what we can see it looks very promising. While the project has now been officially Greenlit, you can continue to show you support by checking out their Steam page, following them on Twitter or checking out their Facebook page.

This feature was originally published on the site GamersFTW which unfortunately has now been taken down.


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