Farming Simulator 2017 Review (PS4)

farmingsim_01Ever fancy yourself as a bit of a farmer? Like the idea of harvesting wheat in your own Case IH 1660 Axial-Flow combine harvester and watching your crops slowly sprout up across the horizon? Me neither really. Farming Simulator is undoubtedly one of the odder simulation series to come about in recent years. It’s always seems to be the butt of many jokes and many gamers are reluctant to classify it as a real game. And yet Farming Simulator 2017 is Giant Softwares 8th game in the last nine years, surely then there’s got to be something that keeps bringing people back to them, right?

The games about growing and making your name as a master farmer which you can do solo or, if you can find anyone willing play, can be done cooperatively online. When you first start up your given your choice of character (which from what I’ve read is one of the newer additions to this years title), a choice of 2 towns, difficulty setting and then you’re drop straight into the thick of it. Newcomers are advised to take the brief 15 minute tutorial as each vehicle and tool has a series of hidden rules and mechanics to operate them efficiently. Outside of operating faming machinery and basics on selling produce there is no hand holding so there’s tasks will take a lot of trial error initially. There is only one goal to the game and that is farm. Till the land, sow your seeds, fertilise the crops, watch the digital grass grow, harvest, sell and repeat. That’s really all there is to it, there are no primary missions or objectives to achieve per se, just maintain your farms, vehicles and livestock and try not to go bankrupt.

+ Lighting and weather effects give the game a nice atmosphere
+ Automating jobs with AI frees up so much time
+ Great amount of depth to micromanaging your farm
– Monotonous farm based activities
– AI doesn’t always do what you want
– Side missions seem more hassle then they’re worth

This review is based off a review code of Farming Simulator 2017 provided by Koch Media.

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