Nintendo Wii U: Four Years Later

wiiufeature01So everyone knows the general view of Nintendo’s current generation console, the Wii U. Sales of the console have been poor, support from third-party developers has been disappointing and the whole concept of the system hasn’t been marketed very well. If I have to hear one more person say the Gamepad is just a ‘fancy extra controller’ for the Wii I’m going to hit them with it. It certainly was not the roaring success its predecessor was, and now as we go into 2017 the system will an early discontinuation with the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch.

In March the Wii U’s successor will hit the shelves and from the small details we’ve been given thus far everyone, including myself, will be very eager to bag a system. However I’m one that really loves my Wii U and I don’t feel ready to retire my gimmicky little system just yet. I mean I’ve still got a backlog of games to play such as Xenoblade Chronicles X and two Bayonetta games. So I thought I’d take some time to look back at the Wii U’s four year era and my time with it.

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One thought on “Nintendo Wii U: Four Years Later

  1. I know what you mean, I love my Wii u and it is a great shame that it was not as successful as the the Wii. I have over 40 games on mine (30 of them physical) and enjoy playing all of them. I will be getting the switch because being a news website dedicated to all things Nintendo, I have to keep up with the tech but I am not ready to retire the Wii U just yet either.


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