Postal Redux Review (PC)

postalredux01When I was asked to review POSTAL Redux I was rather sceptical upon watching the trailer. The twin stick shooter gameplay combined with co-op looked like it could be good for a laugh but the dull level designs and lack of any clear goals other than shoot everything made me doubt it. That is till I did some research which made me approach with more of an open mind. POSTAL Redux is a HD remake of a controversial 1997 game that spawned two sequels (the second of which drew in a big cult following), a number of spin-off titles and even a 2007 movie adaption.

We’ll start with fiendishly difficult Campaign mode where you would assume there would be some kind of story. Postal however doesn’t really go any further than a guy walks out of his house with a sub-machine gun and decides to go on a murderous rampage through his home town. Local thugs, Police officers, Swat teams, it doesn’t matter our man just wants to reduce the local population. Reduce it by 90% to be accurate, even civilians who run arms flailing and pleading for their lives and flocks of harmless Ostriches are not safe from his bloody onslaught. When the game first released it was supposed to be excessively violent which is evident in its finishers, where people crawl around crying until you blow their head off with a shotgun and our character delivers some cheesy one liners. You can see why the game was controversial 19 years ago, the imagery is rather graphic but it’s actual quite tame when you consider recent games such as Doom.

+ Fun when flowing at a fast pace
+ Rampage mode gets addictive
+ Good soundtrack and voice acting
– Depth perception issues
– Violent game that’s not violent
– Awkward aiming controls

This review is based off a review code of POSTAL Redux provided by Running with Scissors.

To read the full review head on over to


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