RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Review (PS4)

rwbygrimmeclipse01Last year I wrote a preview on RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Rooster Teeth’s first big game based on their international hit series RWBY. At the time I said it was an enjoyable little hack n’ slasher to play with friends but it was clear that a lot of work still needed to go into it, in particular fine tuning its combat and expanding on some other core mechanics. As a fan of the series I had been looking forward to playing the game since it was first announced. However after a number of playthrough’s of the hour long campaign during early access I slipped away from the game not even returning for the update fixes or added content. Now though Grimm Eclipse has finally made the jump to console on the PS4 and Xbox One. Seems like a good time then to take another stroll through the world of Remnant and see if the developers were able to fulfill everything they promised all that time ago.

The story begins with team RWBY investigating some unusual security reports in the middle of the Emerald Forest, an area infested with the showy monsters known as Grimm. The mystery thickens as they delve deeper into the area, finding evidence of Grimm poaching, unusual company insignias and strange new variations of Grimm. The story then revolves around discovering who is behind these sinister goings on and putting a stop to them. Unfortunately though the story lacks any real substance. There’s not even a real start up we’re just dropped straight into the world and told to look around. The plot is narrated to us over the gameplay by a number of the series resident lecturers. If you’re a RWBY it’s fun to listen to Professor Oobleck go off on one of his rambles, but the backstory described is left rather vague. Then there’s the playable main cast who’s only story driven dialogue feels shoehorned in. The characters sadly don’t even acknowledge each other, only doling out a number of one-liners which are fun but it would have been nice to have seen a bit of interaction.

+ Lots of RWBY goodness to appease fans
+ Solid hack n’ slasher
+ Online multiplayer offers the best experience
+ Varied cast with unique moves to keep combat fresh
– Story lacks substance
– Repetitive missions and combat
– Some tedious skill requirements

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