The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review (Switch)

BreathOfTheWild01The highly anticipated, highly delayed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally here. For Zelda fans it’s been a long four year wait since Nintendo promised a new instalment with the Wii U’s launch in 2013. Now it’s ending the promised console generation and starting the next on the Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda franchise in recent years has been criticised for the lack of change to the formula that’s been in place since Ocarina of Time. Each game has tried something different and added new mechanics, take Skyward Sword’s upgrading and stamina mechanics for example, and while they’ve all been solid instalments none have broken the mould in a big way. That is until now.

Breath of the Wild is a complete departure from the traditional formula and the most ambitious Zelda title to date. Nintendo has given players the freedom to explore a beautiful, truly open Hyrule and tackle the dangers of the world in any way they want while still managing to weave a traditional Zelda tale.

From the darkness a mysterious voice calls out to you, waking you from your slumber. Upon finding yourself lying in a strange chamber the voice calls out to you once again prompting you to retrieve a device from a nearby pedestal and step outside. Awaiting you are the ruins of a civilization and an old man huddled next to a campfire. Perhaps he knows what is going on? The old man explains to you that this is Hyrule and 100 years ago an ancient evil known as Calamity Gannon awoke wreaking havoc on the land, killing those that meant to keep him at bay. Champions that could control beings known as Divine Beasts and a Hero who carried a sword to seal the darkness. Throughout this time Princess Zelda has kept the demon sealed at Hyrule Castle, awaiting the arrival of a hero who could restore peace to the land.

+ Massive open world to explore
+ Points you towards story points but encourages exploration
+ Fun and intuitive shrine puzzles
+ Introduces lots of interesting new mechanics to the series
+ Stunning art direction
– Voice acting gives mixed results
– Frame rate drops while docked

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