DeadRoad Assault Review (Android)

DeadRoadAssault (1)Along the ‘eerie’ Exit 51, you find yourself in a spot of bother as you’ve somehow managed to crash your truck. It’s a sticky situation to get out of for anyone but here matters are worse as a horde of zombies are bearing down on you ready to go to town on your gooey innards. Lucky then you’re a burly tucker who’s good with a gun and armed to the teeth with enough firepower to level a small town. No zombies getting past your fence! From Australian indie developer Radiobush comes DeadRoad Assault, a tap to shoot upgrade game that’s not particularly unique but does have a certain charm about it.

The zombie scourge charges at you in waves from the top of your device, initially in groups of two or three but continually growing the further you progress. Your main objective then is to take them out before they completely destroy the feeble wooden fence you’ve taken cover behind. To shoot you have two choices, tap or drag. Tapping is of course much more precise and frees up the screen compared to dragging your finger across the screen, but eventually you’ll reach a point where the second method is far more optimal as enemies rush you endlessly in far greater numbers.

+ Very simple controls
+ Provides a decent challenge into the later levels
+ Online Leadboard provides a neat extra objective
+ Funky head-bobbin guitar soundtrack
– Repetitive gameplay
– Little variation in enemy designs/fighting strategies

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