Loot Anime Unboxing: Humanity

LootCrate-Humanity_01RedoA little while ago we here at the NerdHub were discussing what else we could do for the site besides what we normally write. One of the ideas that cropped up was trying our hand at unboxing Loot Crates as some of us occasional treat ourselves to them. So as I’ve just reactivated my subscription I thought I’d give it go first by taking a look at April’s Loot Anime. This months theme is Humanity and features items from the franchises Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon and School-Live! I’ve reactivated my subscription for this crate because this collection of franchises to me is more appealing than some of the more recent boxes.

So before opening here’s some initial thoughts. Each crate comes with five items with four of those coming from each of the announced anime. With this crate though only three were announced so before opening it’s expected that one of these will be getting a second item. I’ve been huge fan of the Attack on Titan since it first aired and I happily binged watched Black Lagoon when it cropped up on Netflix just before Christmas. With these series I’d be happy with pretty much anything but it’d particularly like to see a figure and perhaps a t-shirt included. As for School-Live! I’ve only seen the first episode and have been meaning to return so I what I’m hoping for is an item that’ll peak my interest once more and persuade me to start again.

With those initial thoughts over it’s time to get on with the unboxing!

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Black Lagoon – Coaster Set

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Attack on Titan – Pouch and Notepad Set plus Levi Figurine

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School-Live! – Manga Volume 1


Yume – Poster and Phone Charm


To read my full breakdown of this months Loot Crate head over to NerdHub.com


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