Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase Halloween Retrospective (PS1)

ScoobyDooCyberChase_01Halloween is once again upon us which as a gamer means pigging out on chocolate and diving into a good horror game to really get that adrenaline pumping. However for me the last couple of years it means breaking out my old collection of Scooby Doo games, writing up a retrospective review and coming to the realisation that these games generally aren’t as good as I remember. For this year’s mystery I’ve gone all the way back to the PlayStation One for Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase.

If you’re not familiar with the game then you might be with the direct-to-video movie it’s tied to of the same name. Somehow Scooby and the gang find themselves in cyber space where an entity, dubbed the Phantom Virus, is kicking up a bit of a fuss. As per Mystery Inc. usual MO it’s up to them to put an end to his mischief by beating him at his own game, quite literally. Assuming control over the cowardly duo Shaggy and Scooby Doo you must play though each of the games levels thwarting his henchman and nabbing those Scooby Snacks before finally facing off with him. And these bare essentials are really all there is to the story. If you want something more then go watch the movie.


When I was looking for a new Scooby Doo game to review this game for some reason stuck in my head which is why I decided to replay it. Sadly now I remember why it stuck. It’s such a poor poor Scooby Doo title and game in general. I shouldn’t be surprised for a movie tie in, they’re always come off half-assed and rushed and it’s so clear that this was the case with Cyber Chase. It hurts how mind numbingly easy it is and the way the gameplay crawls along at such as slow pace sucks any joy out of it. Enemies lack any intelligence that they’re barely worth wasting a pie over and the clunky controls makes the easy platforming frustrating with cheap tricks and perception hindrances. Seriously for any fans of Scooby Doo just go watch the direct-to-video movie, it’s not the best Scooby adventure but I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it way more than this train wreck of a game.

+ Features original Scooby Doo voice talents


– Little to no challenge
– Gets repetitive very quicky
– Slow gameplay combined with awkward controls
– bland visuals

To read the full review head on over to

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