Hi I’m Daniel Vaughan, and welcome to my game review blog…thing…

Writing was an area I’d never really thought about up after leaving University. I’ve always wanted to make games which other people could write about and call “crap” in their reviews.

At University I studied Creative Computer Games Design, learning the creative side of Video game development from modelling and texturing environments to rigging and animating characters. While looking for work in the industry I discovered a small game news site called GamersFTW who were looking for volunteer journalists. The only thing I’d written about games by then were a couple of technical spec documents and a dissertation on the Westernisation of Japanese Video Games (a very dull document) but thought I’d give it a go. Turns out I really enjoyed writing!

I started out with a couple of news pieces broken up by the odd feature article before I moved over to the review team, which is where I primarily stayed even taking on the role of Review Editor. During my time with the site I learned a lot about games journalism, made a lot of good contacts with my fellow writers and within the games industry and got to play a number fun games I would never have looked at before.

Although I’ve now left GamersFTW I would like to continue exploring games journalism. I think that my writing improved a lot during my time there and I learnt a lot from the other writers working there. Which is why I’ve created this little space here, to help improve my writing style and experiment more with articles other than reviews. I would love to hear your response to my opinions and writing, so please feel free to get involved by leaving comments on any article that interests you.

Also if you’re interested in my seeing what I can do in designing games or like the look of my graphic work you can check out my design portfolio here!




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